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Works we have seen

- For the first time in Azerbaijan, a small electricity station consisting of 4 generators with a production power of 900 kWt (POWERWIND company, Germany);

- 1 small electric generator with a power of 100 kVT (VESTAS company, Denmark);

- Geothermal electricity station in the Republic of Dagestan RF;

- Geothermal electricity station in the Russian Federation of Chechnya;

- Geothermal electricity station in Northern Cyprus;

- Geothermal electricity station in the Republic of Moldava;

- In addition, electrical substations have been established for a number of private and state projects in Azerbaijan, electrical lines have been installed, and electrical equipment has been provided.

Currently, our company has business relations with countries such as Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Moldava, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus (Northern), Belarus and Russia.

Our offers:

- We can participate in the implementation of investment projects in the directions mentioned above.

- We can invest in 80% of the alternative energy projects offered by us, with an initial interest rate of 2%, for a period of 5-15 years (20% of the project is subject to government or bank guarantees). is requested).

Our company has been in business for a long time with the leading banks of Europe, namely Commers bank, Landes bank, DZ bank and Deutsch bank.

With the hope of collaborating with the products.